Like i said, after i had inserted the doors and windows, done some detailing and layed the base for the roof tiles, the Bouvier house looked quiet good already. I like it indeed much better then i ever imagined it could be. Add to this shutters and it will be pretty impressive.


But now....

Remember (and take a look again at the reference picture) , i did in fact downsize the house to a size who made it possible to be built-on the bike shop. I imagined not having enough space to put in standing alone and the original size would dwarf to much the houses behind (Kratzenberg).

Now that i placed it on the place i planned it, i do not like it at all! I really should have made a moke up and play around it before the build.


The thing i really do not like is the comparative look with the bike shop (to it's right). I was very minimalistic here, not even doing some small windows on the lower back side. Now compare it to the fully equipped Bouvier house. Impossible.

The size also is to small now, a bit more really can not hurt the view.

I am now playing around with the houses, raised the Bouvier house (the raised portion can be the lower part of the original house, the part with the slate stone decoration i completely left out) and will eventually rearrange (and destroy one of the walls) the parc with the wheeping willow. This allows the Bouvier house to switch some more to the left , allowing it after all to stand alone. This poses now the problem that i did not do any detailing of the right side, now openly visible! Aaarghhh!


If i now push the bike shop a bit back i open the space some more and may get a look Clervaux indeed had a long time ago, with two little streets pushing from the main road to the Clervaux river and having some houses right up to the river banks. The space between the houses (only some 10 cm ) could be filled with a nice little feature who was exactly situated at this place, a fountain - lantern mix. Of course i can again not distinguish the details of the sculpting (same as for the bridge towers). Probably some lions at the height of the waterpipe, but what sculpting was done at the upper portion is a mistery to me (looks like babies :-) ) Of course i can not see if there was an inscriprion at the base.

For now i will recast some more windows and doors and rethink a bit more all this new elements.

This all could have been avoided with more detailed advance planning (difficult) but i also could have gained 10 cm by moving the river more to the module border. But then i wanted to simulate the hill opposite the town....... Hmmm... nobody said it was easy, isn't it.