For those of you who wondered how i am calculating my measures for windows and doors, here is, just for fun, how i am proceeding, just look at the scrawling on my sketch sheet.


I recognize ever more that the pictures actually appear not big enough in this Blog, need to check that, but i do not really am in the mood to modify a lot at this stage.

Another intermediate and somewhat fun picture .

I am checking right now to find the right positioning for the light i will put into the Bike shop. Remember, the goal is only to allow a bit of view of the front windows display. I put some hours of work into that, it would be a pity to leave it all dark. Of course, now that i am illuminating it a bit, i need to squeeze in some qequipment and decoration into the shop itself.

So i took this picture this morning,


Looks good, no?

Remember, no weathering yet on the facade, that's why there is still a slightly shine on the sign.