You hardly can imagine what i am up to if i do not post some overview pictures, isn't it?

So here, in this picture, you can see the massive house in the middle of the town, that's the Bouvier House. The picture is taken in 1945, notice the american vehicles around the building. To the left you recognize the gate to the park, the two houses i made as Boucherie and Salon de consomamtion (Mod.4). This means the house is some what positioned correctly in the dio compared to the original. I will refrain from doing it as a stand alone house as i do not have the space for that.


Notice the massive stairs at the front of the house.

This stairs are in fact the only thing missing in today's Bouvier house


When i took the pictures there was a leftover from a Christmas on the marketplace.

I will do this stairs and move what is today's right side to the left so i get a nice entrance there also. My right side is build-on to the bike shop.

I will be able to do every window and door, but the space in between will be a bit less.