This one is widely known as "Bouvier" House, according to the former owner's name. Except the one i will show you shortly, i have only overall pictures of the house, well recognizable in the city because it's massive size and situation beneath the castle and behind the bridge.

I did not intend to model the house completely as copy from the original as it is defintely to massive and would dwarf the houses opposite the street, the Cafe Hunnegschmatts and Kratzenberg. I wanted to build only a scaled down version and build-on to the bike shop, all not conform to the original because the bike shop is not even in this area and the Bouvier House is standing proudly alone.

Well, in the end, it looks as the bike shops was already pretty big and it is possible to build the adjacent Bouvier house with the same features as in the original, so in the end the only inaccuracy is the fact of not standing isolate. More on the o overall building in a later post.

The house is still standing today, except a few modifications regarding the entries. The windows are the same as 100 years ago, hopefully with double or triple isolation now. As i will build three sides of it, i must build 37 windows and 74 gutters!
I will of course do resin copies of originals. For that task alone i will probably need 2-3 weeks and that's the reason i started already with the Bouvier house, leaving all the other work aside for a moment (see previous Blog entry). I will do a copy a day along side other work.
There are three designs, here is the most difficult one i started with
My copy, 5 hours of work. This time i opted for a all in one build, meaning the sill and window build in one piece. (Normally i do a sill in Balsa wood an copies of the window i insert later. This time i do not really want to do 37 Balsa cases!

I notice only now the upper part being a bit to big. Problem is the lack of small enough Evergreen stripes to simulate some features.
The gutter is alos done. I used slightly overscaled 0.5 mm plastic sheet as it will be the only way to get some clean resin copies, if it will work at all.

I also intend to brake down the first prototype and adjust it to the other two designs. That is the plan :-)