I really need to focus now on specific tasks. Let me explain myself:
- I must finish the bit of waterwork left to do because i must use up the Resin before it's not good any more, if that is not already to late.
- the Sherman is still not back on display after it was damaged last november during the Walfer expo. Still some bits to replace and no motivation to do that.
- The bike shop is not painted and weathered on the outside and is still missing the shop signs and some window railings
- The Gillen house is only done to 95 %, the facade is not finished and painted, so is the roof. Furniture and all the other interior is not done (straw and farm equipment)
- but i already started some work for the third house, called "Bouvier". I made already a complete window including sill and deco. (5 hours work for one window) The Bouvier house will get 31 windows and 62 shutters, means i will need at least 14 days only to get the copies done! That's why i started with that work so early
- i also started to sketch the Villa PrĂ¼m
- the towers on the bridge are done since early a year but not fixed and painted
- the Harley Davison sits unfinished on the shelf and is waiting for a rider
- i am also trying to extract details from reference picture to make some photoetch copies, passing a lot of time mastering the software and informing myself in regard of photoetching. Should i do it myself or is it overkill to learn the technique for a limited use of only a few sheets?

Basically i started on nearly every task to complete the dio minus some vegetation.

I really need to calm down and do one task after the other.

Oh, did i mention the preparation for the fall expo who heats up already ! LOL Oh, and the second book needs some thinking to!

It's a hobby, it's a hobby, it's a hobby