I did most of the wood work, the whole roof tiling work, installed the lights... and did not yet take one picture of it! Sorry!

What i can show you right now is a bit how this street will look like after all is set. In the left front you notice the Gillen house, next comes the bike shop.


The biggest problem i have now is the bend i made in the street. I don't know any more why i did it like that. As i have only 12 cm wide to get the road between Gillen house and the Hotel Central and the road in front of Kratzenberg is nearly 16 cm i definitely need to straighten the road a bit, means ripping off the already finished cobbles! Do i really want that?

I also need to put both 95% finished houses away for a while and start the third one, the "Bouvier" house. The reason is the reachability of everything. I definitely must fix Bouvier first and work my way back to the module border and place the Gillen house at last.

As you see i am again in a phase where planning ahead is very important.