This is actually a response to a comment by David to my former Blog entry.


I know what you mean about the fireplace.

I am heavily improvising here as i said. I would have loved to do a fireplace like you said but i could not find the space for it. ( i think it's best suited in a corner and i don't have one!) Here is the one i used, it's from somewhere on the Net

You are talking about this


It was taken in the museum in Peppange

The whole layout of the kitchen is probably not very good, but i am trying to use the available space the best possible to get a view somewhat looking like an old kitchen, knowing well that it will not be perfect. I am planning to add an oven to the right of the fireplace, symbolizing somewhat a slight modernisation. I will lead the oven pipe into the chimney. Is there a potential problem with that? I also need to fill the wall on the left side with some furniture, not sure yet what to use. If you have a reference picture of yours you want to get build ....

Regarding the access to floor 2, this one you have to imagine outside the borders of the dio! :-)

Any idea regarding stuff on the different floors? It's still time now! I did not plan to do much, so if you have ideas, you are welcome. I do not even have the space to put a decent sized plough into the stable area as it does not fit! The last days i did not work on the lower parts of the house. The last two days i covered the roof ( i recovered from my flu and was just able to do that and will start some testing with a decent indirect light to allow the inside to be seen after i close the side wall.

I will probably never be entirely satisfied here, the house simply lacks 7-8 centimetres in wide and this handicaps me everywhere.

Thanks for your input