I did repaint a bit the switch board, but the dust and glue marks do not disappear by them self, unfortunately. As some of the details are made with delicate soldering wire i don't want to touch it any more.

See for yourself, when viewed at reasonable distance, the board looks good.

I also got the idea to add some real LED lighting here, hidden probably behind the chimney. If this dio really ends in a museum one day, it is probably wise to plan for some additional lighting right now. This counts also for the bike shop, where right now all my window work will largely remain invisible for the viewers. I really hate electricity work, (see my struggle with the LED's on the castle), but i will check on Tuesday for some SMD Led's, something no one knew about 5-6 years ago. Until that is done, i will not close the building, means glueing the side wall and fixing the roof. Here is the actual look after Easter Sunday work

Roof not fixed!