As i have two weeks off from work the progress on the farm is pretty good.

I painted and fixed the chimney, fixed the water pump and worked a lot on the walls and the later beam supports.

The pump is 80 % scratched build with a small part of a commercial one. (i will post a better picture later. The WIP picture were taken with my old camera, so that one comes later also) Note that all the joints on the sides and near the chimney will be closed once all is definitely fixed. At this point, the whole thing is still movable in order to be able to paint the front fa├žade and, not sure about that, lay the tiles on the roof. I may be able to do that separately.

In a next step i placed the white washed smaller beams on the big support beam and laid the planks. No nails at this point as the whole stuff will be covered in straw, hay and so on. If a plank will stay clean i will add nails then.

Another picture of the set-up. Tomorrow i will weather the planks, then fix the second level plus a ladder going up.The pole on the left side is just a dummy to get this stand right when taken off and will not be part of the final roof.


I need also start testing my hay and straw work and not forget to put the gutter in front of the roof.

This is going to be finished for the weekend! (except the furniture in the kitchen)