First news: The Proxxon table saw is fixed again. I ordered replacement parts and repaired the motor. The whole operation did cost only 25 Euros less than a brand new complete table saw. but as all the essential parts are now replaced, i choose to opt for the more ecological option, the repair.
Second good news: I am modelling again with enthusiasm and a certain flow in my thinking and work. Unfortunately there is still not a lot to show you at this point. Plastering walls and doing stonework with the Dremel, taking measures of three walls you notice the and planning floors are all time intensive but not very photogenic. Notice also the preparation work on the two levels to put in the support beams. I have fun again, and that is the most important thing for now.

I am working from right to left, bottom to top, so there is a lot of dry fitting and all is still improvised. One problem regarding the above right part, (where you notice the build of the supports to put on the second floor), is the lack of space. I wish i had a few centimetres more, but i don't have them..