As i need to manipulate the wood a lot, i needed another type of wood then Balsa. All other model building wood is impossible to get in Luxembourg so i made by own planks. For that i am using my firework sticks (pine wood) and cut them lengthwise with the Proxxon table saw. I am able to get as tiny as 0.4 mm (1.4 cm in 1/35). I probably used the wrong saw blade and perhaps a bit to much persuasion to get the sticks cut until the Proxxon quit the service. Here is a picture of the plank work


Real wood, imperfections already build in, just add some more weathering with the wire brush and you have the perfect plank!

Here also, finally , at least one picture of a door i just fixed in


It still lies on plasticine to keep it straight, so you will not yet get a picture of the inside.

Other windows and doors are set already also, but i did not get around to take pictures.

I visited the rural museum today (the one i missed in December), got some ideas, not a lot but and will probably take away one of the finished windows to replace by something i saw today.

Did i told you that i made all the windows and doors with plastic, painted them and......discarded everything to redo it in real wood. No wonder that it takes so long this time.