for not updating much this last weeks.

A bit of health problems, but also very slow process on building windows , doors , hinges and so on for the house front. It moves on , but at snail's pace. The big cold outside and the 11 °C in my workrooms do not help much either. Hang on for better times and the next pictures.

Got some invites for expositions. One around Brest , 1000 km distance from my home, transport cost would be around 1000 Euros, plus a few sacrificed vacation days. I could be interested for next year (this year it's exactly on the same weekend as Eurospoor), but the costs are probably to high anyway. The other came from a small club near Gouvy in Belgium, not worth organizing the transport. If the organizer reads this, please review the style of your emails, Upper case letters are invented already, punctuation also,Auto-correction is also standard in Email programs and to sign with a name would be a minimum of courtesy if i want to invite someone.

Hear from me soon