I am finished with the shop front since a few weeks, muddling around since then with the lettering before finally redoing them with a self made Decal. This one is finished also since two weeks and i did not even show it on my own Blog while posting it on the Internet forums already! This is the result when you happen to plan and do a few things together.

The bike shop needed some traction, i want to finish my water to use up the Envirotex, but my head is spinning around with plans for the farmers build and even already the Villa PrĂ¼m. In the end, nothing runs as it should. That said, here are a few pictures of the shop, nothing weathered and some touch up left to do, but it is essentially that.


The bikes (i posted those already) , painted and hung up, the scratched Tricyle, and a few shirts with a self made Peugeot Logo. Not exactly a lot to show, but 1. it's only two month after the liberation and 2., the shop will be seen very oblique, so except for my photos, the public will not see much of it anyway. Do not call that cheating! :-)

The lettering, made with a decal, must be toned down a lot, that's for later.


The sides glued together, not without problems. I also placed some protruding beams (fake of course as is the chimney) and started to lay the slates.

Hope Christmas went all right for everyone.

Happy New Year to everyone and thanks for looking ! (There are 30-50 people looking at the website every day, so thanks for that)