In order to get the "Villa Prüm" planned i needed a few more pictures of the roof. Last time i went to Clervaux it was summer and leaves did hide parts of the roof. Now look at this

The guy who planed that house should get removed from the architect order !! LOL , and i want to build that one! Double LOL

A short walk away from the town (a hundred meters from the spot where the Sherman shot the first Panzer 4) i saw this little sprouts growing out of the wall. I used some already during the past years, but often could not find more. Here are tons of it. They are actually only 2 cm high and you notice my wife on the background helping to harvest some.


I leave you with some other impressions from the surroundings of Clervaux, the river and also proof of some green plants growing in December, farn and needle furze (genista anglica)

the river


the town from above

and some old contemporary witness in the forest, the upper entry of a house in the woods just below the monastery

Some times i am really wondering why i am continuing to promote the advantages of the town of Clervaux? After all, the officials of Clervaux are still ignoring me after all this years of indirectly promoting there touristic town and offering them for free this diorama!

Go figure!