Here is a picture of the Harley (proof that indeed i am doing it myself). The picture does of course show only the later Olive Drab parts, Bags and front screen kept off because they get another colour. Also the handlebar and wheel is not attached as i am not sure yet where i will display the Harley and i eventually need to inflect the wheel to the left to mark a curve.

Also this picture was taken just before all the PE on the front wheel fell off because i "just" wanted to add some other detailing. Grrrrr :-( . I left it like that before braking everything and will fix it after i calmed down. I also did some wiring!


Here is a picture of some of the interior i build for the bike shop, some bikes and a scratched tricycle


With all that and the bike wear plus some posters, i will get this shop window well decorated!