It's raining in Luxembourg so there is plenty of time to do some modeling. Unfortunately during the last days i am completely disorganized, messing around with a lot of things at the same time and probably going nowhere with any of it. Here is, for your pleasure i hope, a nearly live picture of my desk in the living room, normally used exclusively for computer work, but because of the cosy temperature (and the cold ones in the other rooms) transformed in yet another modelling desk.

I am working on a few things at the same time, watch the picture


Hopefully this will end well :-)

Oh yes, in case you are wondering. For a bit of diversification i started to build the new Miniart Harley. I want to position one with a rider driving along the Clervaux main street.

Ps.: The Spam problem mentionned a few days ago is gone! The Filter from my Provider certainly takes them out before they reach me.

PSS: I got an invite from Eurospoor in Utrecht (NL) for next October. Not yet decided , but looks good