So, for once, i can give you an brand new update, in fact, the resin is certainly still hot downstairs in my working room :-)

As an intro, i must tell you that in order to use up my resin in the one year shelf live time frame, i already made the ground work of the last module, No. 7. This one gets another 80 cm river part, along with somw vegetation and a prestigious Villa. This picture shows you the river bed with the first coat of resin and hopefully the highlight of this part, the fallen evergreen. I added this one, a) to put some more interesting stuff in there and, b) to hide the joint to module 6, at least regarding potential photos.

Just now i added a second layer of resin who will fix also the tree. You will notice that i added cones, made from clay.

I will do the waves and ripples after that and probably put it aside for a year or so until i finished module 6

Hope you like it