I just realized that i posted my recent entry in Luxembourgish language!

Let me give you a quick translation.

I nearly finished my exposition tour. One to go, in Walferdange, starting this evening with the transport and setting up.

A lot of pictures from the last expo in Belvaux can be found here


and on RTL.lu


Sorry, i am still not able to Link correctly out of the Blog

I also linked to a video of the Expo in Belvaux from my homepage. Pictures of the castle start after 1min4sec.

So, see you in Walferdange this weekend. The dio may not reappear for some time after that.

Walferdange is a rail road modeling expo only, with the exception of my dio.

A specially added a roadsign pointing to the railroad station to give my dio a little railroad touch. It's a little joke, i will tell you how many vistitors will notice it.