The second week of the expo i moved to another spot, more central. This was really worth it. I had as much visitors in an hour as in a whole day last week. So let's quickly forget that episode.

The positives of week 2 have been so many that it is hard to count them all. Let's summarize it by saying that besides enthusiastic visitors of the dio, with a few exceptions non-modellers, who all marvelled about the possibilities of model making and the life like look of my dio. I was obviously proud to hear that. I even don't count all the great comments i overheard while the people were not aware of my presence or status as builder :-).

I think i completely forgot the start of the sentence above and did not finish it correctly. LOL, i will not start anew. So i also made great contacts to officials who gave me great assurance that the dio will find a place in a Clervaux museum in a few years.

Perhaps the most worthy visits were those of a few eyewitnesses! Standing out from those was the visit (after seing an ad of the expo in a newspaper) of this young Lady, pictured with me,
who happened to live in the tower (marked with an arrow) as a child until 1943. It was through this little window she looked over Clervaux during all this pre war and early war years.Her grand parents happened to be the persons who run the Hotel Restaurant inside the castle! Wow, that was probably the ultimate eye witness i could still encounter.

Superbe week overall!