Having completed the river (the first ever water work i did, remember) and the tower (very time consuming and mind consuming) i feel a bit like a soufflé who just collapsed. This took me 6 months to make! Adding to that i must arrange the whole dio for the upcoming expositions, means transporting from the "transit" room in my garage, repairing some damage from former expos and transports, taking pictures (again and again) and preparing everything else. When i finally start thinking about the next steps to build i am always set back by the lack of reference pictures and a bit of lack of motivation to start right now. 10 days holiday break is in sight (Asturia and Cantabria in Spain will be the destination), 4 expos are in sight also with the whole preparation work in between, so this is not like modelling takes a break with me, but the kick to start the new houses fails to come in, yet.

Here is , from the next one to build, the only reference picture i have. I can't read the signs on the facade except the name of the owner. As anyway the german occupant forbid all french sounding names, i need to improvise here.


Hear from me soon!