After pondering very long on the next phase of structure building i am finally decided. These two buildings are effectively situated right across the street of the Hotel Central, so for once again i am imitating the real town here as it existed. Better, the left one is still the local pharmacy today and looks the same apart the fa├žade who was renovated, hiding the nicer stone work.
The building on the right looks like a very old (already in 1944) town house with a barn annexed to the left. I may destroy it a bit and show a hidden car or so. That's at least one initial idea.

Here are two other interesting pictures showing hints of the buildings. Opposite the Hotel Central, on the far right border is a tiny bit from the pharmacy visible.It's the best picture i have from the stone work!

On this picture from the entry of the german army into Clervaux (in 1940) you recognize the corner of the barn. Due to the curve, the pharmacy is not visible.