Finally, after two months i am ready to go into modeling modus again.

For details about the features to be build for this part, please check the entry from december, where i posted some reference pictures.

Just before the break i made already most of the preparation work, means landscape and the bridge out of styrodur.

Plaster was added on top of the Styro and the whole rock was modeled after some reference photos taken in the northern part of Luxembourg, slate country, the same as around Clervaux,

After a few changes i was happy about the rocky look.

The lower part is bordering the river, that's why i modeled this slight overhang. The rock will end in a short part of grassland before the bridge separates all this.

The bridge itself is made from Styro also. Stairs on the side had been added
and a long wall, who is going to make the border between the river and the house gadens is made from self hardening clay