I have no idea if i ever will be able to do this battle scene. It would mean a further extension of the already 3.2 meter long dio. Is this something i want? Is it something the Clervaux council would like to display , in the hypotetical situation that they give sign of life at all?

So i decide to simply continue the build of the village, using more space as originally planned and for the moment simply not thinking ahead to the next extension. This module and the next will certainly occupy me for 3-4 years and more (more on that later), and after that timeframe i probably know more about the future of the dio.

Perhaps, as someone also commented on my Blog, there will be a possibility to show two diorams, separated by a distance of 2-3 meters, allowing to display the whole scene without distance problems. But that, will carry me away 10 more years!

What am i going to build then for now? Here is a rough sketch (1,4x0.7 m). Yes , i am working so messy and i like that! :-)

Right in the middle of it is the "park island " with the willow. On the right side i will do 3-4 houses, probably one in half to allow inside views. Complicated houses like a pharmacy and a bike shop for example. The bridge (spanning over the 2,2 meter river) is about 50 cm long by itself (i underestimated that one badly in my initial thoughts) Bottom left side

Notice the little towers on the bridge, well , here is one in detail

I need to make two of them! That would be the menu for module 6.

Module 7 (only 0,8 x 0,7) will then feature this nice house, of which, for now i have only bad pictures (near the middle, on the right side of the river)

As a small proof that i stared really , here is the start of the modul