Recently my son discovered a major disaster about to happen to some of the windows of the castle. Just take a look

win1.jpg Remember, i made the glass with clear evergreen plastic sheet sandwiched betwee two identical windows, Resin copies from my original. The lead glass is a self made decal applied to the plastic sheet. I glued this together probably with superglue (it's over 4 years ago), not knowing it better then. Obviously, either the glue or perhaps uncured resin started to literaly "eat" away the plastic sheet! I must replace those windows. I did not want to redo it myself completely this time, because at this point i was not sure who was the culprit of the above mess.

I recently saw a product announcement for ready made lead glass from Marks Miniatures and inquired with the owner Mark for some more details about the product. It turned out that Mark was very cooperative and in the end send me a sheet of lead glass, made specially to my needs with the same pattern i used for my own decal. It is essentially a relatively thin and flexible plasticsheet, (not as sturdy as the Evergreen Clear sheet(, with the lead pattern imprinted.

I sandwiched the new glass between the windows again and voilĂ , here is the result, two new windows
Notice the windows on the background, there are three more to do. As the corosion is not yet so advanced and as the risk for damage on the castle and some furniture is a lot higher, i will not do those at this point and push this task out until the unevitable.

To finish , i can only recommend the service of Mark's Miniatures