This is not going to work like i originnaly planned. Even reaching the cemetery (where the real action happened) who is at the same level as the Courtyard of the castle and completely leaving out the road with the column of german armour (saving me certainly a year of work) is a nightmare. It is still to steep. I am about to try to reach the same height as the castle, but with half the space! I can lower the level of course, but that means that the action is visually even nearer to the village then previously planned. All civilian action in the village is not plausible any more.

Do i go ahead and see what the result will be?

I can replan everything and completely leave out the action on the opposite hill of the castle and basically keep it a architectural diorama. I can build the river, the bridge with nice columns, three houses are planned anyway, i can ad one or two on the other side of the river. There is one gorgeous house in Clervaux, called the "Villa PrĂ¼m", it is really situated near the area i model. I could try to build that one.


You recognize the building easily on the right side of the river.

I can stop here and do something else!

I still don't have any contact to the autorities in Clervaux. The could give me a hint what they prefer, in case they would be interested.

This is the preparation work for the next few years, so i better take my time.