After two and half months of building rest due to the expositions and some housework, i restarted yesterday on the build with a brainstorming session. You remember that i want to build the complete hill opposite the castle (please see the overview picture in my new Sherman article, accesible from the Homepage) The hill dominates the village and i would like to replicate that view. So what are the heights i need to build my dio? That was the brainstorming session for.

Carrying over the topographic heights of the real Clervaux to my dio would result in an overall diorama height of approx. 2,60 meters! Wow! Remember that i wanted to show action at this height! It is pretty obvious that i can't do that. I would need to put the visitors on a ladder to see what is happening there. On the oher side of the diorama the people would need to crouch down to see inside my castle's cellars! Also i would get a huge black wall at the backend of the dio. No way i can do that.

Back to the drawing board!