Ok, you noticed that i did not update the building Blog. Well, for the moment i do not build!

I passed with great success the first two expositions and am right now preparing "Scale Model Challenge". Inbetween i am fixing some stuff and resting a bit from the building stress of the last months.

The Blog will pause a bit for sure as i am not yet ready to restart the next building phase. Some homework has to be done in 1:1 first and a lot of forward planning must be done again for the next modules of the dio. As i am planning to incorporate a two meter resin river, a complete forest of a square meter in scale, a cemetery, a lot of road (without cobblestones) and last but certainly not least a dozen vehicles and lots of soldiers, a lot of thoughts must be spend to the feasability of all this.

I managed tu update the Gallery section of the website, so for anyone looking for the latest pictures and the result of the building Blog, please have a look over there.

See you in Veldhoven on the Scale Model Challenge expo !