Yes, i can't really call this one a Blogupdate as it is really a brief summary of what i did since my return from holiday and before starting going to work tomorrow. So let's call this one a proof of work done. I worked daily 8-10 hours on it during the last 10 days and was mainly occupied to bring some life in the dio.

I finished the evacuation Jeep and painted the figures, build a Dodge to go with the people getting evacuated on the first house. I also painted a figure to place near the Dodge. I made some improvements to the Dodge with Photoetch . Having never worked really with detailed photo etch, this was a tedious task but hopefully worth it. I quicklay build two trailers but am not sure if i can use the Cargo trailer (he is probably post war)


I also painted the tank commander ! Finally, after nearly 10 months :-)

I made the electric wires from a new pole to the Hotel Central. Of course the very basically attached fitting broke during manipulation (hey, i build this 6 years ago and never imagined that it would be part of this adventure) So i remade one fitting with brass parts

This one holds well.

I also continued with my planting efforts. A lot of stuff is needed to cover convincingly a surface of 40 x 40 cm. This part is meant to be a slope planted with a nice hedge. In front of that i will make a high grass field made from hemp rope.