I am not really interested in the Football World cup, but as a Luxembourger (and ex- triathlet and bike rider) i am a Fan of the Tour de France. Particulary because our little country has one of the top contenders for the first place in the race in the person of Andy Schleck, i am right now loosing 1-2 modeling hours per day to the TdF.

Modeling wise this week was not very interesting. The tiling of two roofs took the biggest chunck of time. The dormers have also been made,

Slowly i like the look of it!

As i am waiting for a photoetch railing from Royal Model to finish the p√Ętisserie i worked on some sorte of gate. To the left of the butcher shop (this is based on ref. pics) was this gate as an entrance to some sort of park alongthe river Clef

I have no complete picture of it, only other views from very far. I used my trusted stonework from the castle to make this gate


As soon as i have the railing and also replacement blades for my Cutter i am going to finish this, just in time before i must make a break for my summer holiday.