After the tedious work of laying thousands of cobblestones there comes the next tedious work, the roofing of those two houses.

But let me first show you some details of the Restaurant -p√Ętisserie.

What do you say about those inscriptions? I like them! :-) The interior is done very roughly , i took this picture before closing the roof. It will be nearly dark then and because the viewing distance will be a 50 cm oblique, nothing will be seen, except if i publish some picture about.

The gutters are made again from Alufoil. (see my How-to video somewhere down this Blog)


and then.... cutting and gluing the slates, the method is very good explained in my book


See the missing roof covering on the left side? That is the result of me trying to skip some steps. I tought that i could leave away the support beam in the middle just to discover later that the base for the slates is not really strong enough without it. So i cut some away and fixed two beams under the cardboard to strengthen the whole thing. This gave me the welcome opportunity to fix the curtains as the are fixed as in real and unfortunately are wipping back and forwards.

So here is a bad picture, hust to show you that i also started to work on the figures.

I am doing a litter carrying jeep with driver and passenger and show them transporting an badly injured soldier to the castle.

jeep1.jpg More on that later with hopefully better pics.

Here is the fun picture for today


It's 30 degrees Celsius in the work room, it's 10.30 pm already, so i hope that explains everything. Notice the mess again!

Uuhh, 10 minutes to midnight, my update is just in time and i finish another 10 hour modelling day.