Uhh, i nearly missed my regular sunday update. Only 20 minutes to go.

Ok, this week, a lot of work was put in the windows of the two houses. Casings, frames, doors, ... I decided to do one butcher shop and one mixed Restaurant-Patisserie house. This is based on old ads i have from the contemporary travel guide.

Here is the butcher


The facade is not yet made! I decided to whiten(sp?) the storefront to show the unoccupied shop. No picture from the other shop, but it is mostly done also. Now i am going to do the roofing work of those two,

I also planned the backyard of those houses and the rest of Module 5. This are "only" 50 cm to fill, peanuts ! The biggest challenge is the difference of height. I need to overcome it quickly as the next module starts immediately with the river, so that's level 0. Here is the first step


I came so far

It's start looking not to bad i think. A lot of vegetation comes in here later.

This mess is a bit normal during such construction phases , isn't it? :-)