I absolutely want to bring Module 5 to the expos. It does not need to be completely finished, but to enhance the overall view in must be started at least. After a little frustration regarding some painting on Mod.4 i decided to start No.5, Well, for once i made some correct pictures, i mishandled the camera at one point and the pictures are only 640x480 resolution. No way i can use those for printed publication. I start with the missing road part between Mod. Village and Mod.4, some 40 cm of cobblestone, with a long curve as special challenge. Some cobbles were already made during the last weeks, others are done during the little time i spend in front of the television to watch the World Cup.

Here you see the work done after two days, including a nice side wall to limit the road


I am changing permanently again, working on one thing during the drying time of the other. So i also started on two houses to put in here.

I want to do the two houses in front of the Bus in this photo. The road is the one leading to the river bridge on the left side.

I have on big problem here. This is a flat roadpart here but i have a steep downslope of 6 cm to cover in only 30 cm space. I will need to improvise a lot here. For now, this is my plan

In front of the right house i will ad some sort of terrasse to access the shopping windows. This will add some good viisual interest to the part. I will also be able to not hide the back row of houses what is a very good thing.

I also do not know what kind of shops this were. No idea! So i am looking in the advertisement part of my 1930 Clervaux travel guide to find something suitable. I do not intend to show something in there. The main reason is that in the future, in a completed diorama, this fronts will only be seen from theother side of the dio, at some two meters distance! Do you think it is worth the work to put some shop nterior in here. I don't think so. Let's keep my energy for the houses intend to do on Module 6.