After every turn it looks that there is one more thing to do before finishing. So i am still working on a lot of fronts at the same time. A lot of work was to get the courtyard, stretched over 3 modules, to the same look. I did not remember anymore and of course did not note how i painted the part two years ago. Washes after washes i couldn't find the right match to the one already finished, the one with the truck on it. I did not want to touch the truck. Finally i lost patience and i repainted everything using different acryl colors, painted wet in wet, and going as close as possible near the truck.

During the last 14 days, i also started to twist branches for the trees to put in this yard, using very thin copper wire. I soldered the branches to fix the strands of wire well and also to eliminate already most of the twisting signs.

After that i fix them on a real branch

Here is it after i worked the transition from wood to wire with magic sculpt.

Another time consuming occupation was the preparation of the dead leaves to put under the trees. I am using Thymian leaves found in the "wild" :-)

This are painted red brown ( in fact i am using up old Tamiya colors of bright green and orange, this mix gives a nice fall color). Those are dispersed on a bed of white glue and flattened later. The left side looks white now because of the diluted glue


Without picture, but just to mention, is the work i am doing right now on the high tower of the castle where i am replacing all the ivy leaves. I did not like them anymore, to big after all, and naturally colored to an ugly brown. So i am replacing them by Thymian leaves also.

2-3 more days to go and i will be done with this one, for sure :-)