The only way you could have followed my latest progress is watching me through a video life feed during the last days. Since last saturday i have some 10 modellong hours daily ans so much is going on that i do not even have time to take pictures. I am about to finish the part and my head is overbubbling with modelling stuff. Things i should do , others i must do, time who is running till the expo's and so on. Meanwhile i glued on all the buildings. Thre rear of the buildings needed some improvsation as sue to space issues i can't model 1/1 of course. The side of the Hotel must be done according to reference pictures. Well, ia m writing probably as randomly and stressy as the last week was.

Perhaps pictures help explain a bit. Here is the area of the garage with doors fixed and space between cobbles and houses already filled
Pictures taken by hand because of lack of space for the tripod and no patience to do that :-) Here is the sid eof the Hotel now. Notice the doors inserted again, a side entrance is build under the terrasse (on the right side) and stairs added

The back of the Hotel now

The three parts need to be adjusted in height and rectified with plaster. After it dried i will redo the complete parking in one stretch to get a harmonic coloring.
The back wall is finished also.

Tomorrow i will start detail painting on other details and i will achieve my goal of finishing it during my small holiday. (Except some tree work)