Now is the period that everything is nearly finished and i have a big choice on what to do first. So there are a lot of small bits to do and doing a Blog entry about that is not really worth it. I made a quick picture with the flash for you before i close down for today. I want to show you that i finished the furniture ( i may repaint the beer tap) . The trick with the brass wire looks also worth remembering. I glued it on with glossy acryl varnish.

It's all painted wit oils over acrylic and needs a few days of drying time. The bottles in the cabinet are only pieces of clear sprue and some painted green clear from Tamiya. Behind the glass that looks ok for me.

Don't forget that the viewer will have to bend down and only have a side view in a badly illuminated room to see this. So this should proof more then enough to simulate a café's furniture.