You remember the Hotel Central? I made it 5 years ago, it was my very first house! While i believe that it is really worth keeping, a few things need improvement. The three entry doors to the Café (one still in place, the others already removed) where made from plasticcard.

centralint.jpg Unfortunately the doors bended to the inside and that was inacceptable and need to be replaced. I also made the windows with thin and opaque plastic foil. (you notice basic furniture in the room. That was meant for the curious peaking trough the upper glass.


I now decided to replace this foil be either real glass or strong microscope plastic. I will be able to straighten the doors with that. Formerly the Hotel was meant to be placed at a little distance and you would not be able to see inside. Because of my layout change, the viewer is now with his nose against the entrance door and because of that i will leave the glass clear this time and am going to make a real interior. This will take a lot of hours to do, but will hopefully be worth it!