Uff, i initially made a half joke when i told that i will need the whole stock of twigs to make one tree, but no, in the end i would be happy to have some more! After assembling and dissassembling twigs for the whole last week i am finally done. I probably took apart at least 50 % from the tree as i showed it a few days ago because i was not satisfied with the look.


The tree is 50 cm high and is assembled from roughly 100 pieces (if i pass the Airport scanner with it i will be able to count the pin's)

The top has already been replace again and a few smaller twigs added here and there, a few more (no more then a half dozen) will be added after this weekend ( i may find a few more treasures during my sunday walk in the forrest)

Of course the bark on the lower trunk must be made also, that's what i will doing right now after typing this. Don't forget the paint!