Playing again detective to get a clue how Clervaux could have looked around WW2, not forgetting that i do not have the space to o everything, i will do the following. The area i am about to build is situated right at the bottom of the middle in this picture


You notice the bridge (that's for next year) and a lot of green on the right side below a massive house.I don't want to do this house as it is to big to fit in my dio at this point. Here is the house again on the backside

( i will try to build this column, but notice the design, it will not be easy)

I will make a small park now out of this. Because my space is relatively small (only 25x 15 cm) i can not do such high walls with a fence, otherwise it would look like a prison court ! So i am doing only a low wall with half height pillar's bordering the entrances. I am copying the original design to make them..


Some more progress also on the cobblestones


I will plant a tree in the middle (either the weeping willow or a birch tree)