With such a big dio comes a lot of other occupations and problems. This whole weekend was reserved for cleaning up the workrooms. One of the reasons was ( apart the obvious that a lot of stuff and dirt is accumulating during the whole constriuction phase) is that i wanted to raise my former dio podest from the low 30 cm to a regular 70 cm height. Main reason was to protect my knee while working to adapt the modules. Another was the hope to get a more level surface to work on.

For this reason i bought height adjustable table legs. I also bought precut 25 mm MDF boards.


My hope for a better working surface quickly vanished after my first try to fit everything. The screws to adjust the height do not support the castle! The modules i build are already f.... up with my poor carpenter skills and slightly warped wood and also far from level because of the former overlength boards and a floor far from level itself. After a few hours during which i broke the stair and lost a lot of nerves i stopped to rethink everything. I probably need to work with compensation pieces all around after all like before. I'm frustrated! Except the new height i achieved nothing (ok, i spend a lot of money for the material)

Any carpenter out there?