I could barely distinguish a sign over the second entry door on the ref. pic.. I presume that the owner's name was written here once again. I used 3 mm photoetch lettering for that. After having attached two only 1 mm high feets on every letter i attached them with superglue on the facade, taking care of being in the middle of the door. What i could not influence anymore was the leveling of the letters. Right from the start of the housebuild i made a mistake when a part of the styro facade broke off and i glued it back. This operation was not exact enough and the facade makes a slight bump at this place. Now, the letters are following the bump also :-( Should have reworked immediately the whole facade!

Ok, seing from the front and distance it should be somewhat ok. I used a piece of balsa wood as a horizontal guide.


Here is a view of my workroom. Notice the big light on the left side. It is a Photolight i bought recently to make good overall views of the dio. I thought that it would be a pity just to use it a few times a year and brought it up to enlighten the dark evening hours
You notice also the ever diminishing workspace, whatever the space was when you started.