Roof tiling has a few rules to follow, one of them is to start at the bottom. To do that everything has to be finished before starting really. So i needed to finish first the dormers. Completely! I copied my original 6 times, hoping that my 5 year old resin (with a shelf life of 1 year) still cures correctly.

Only one did not really cure well but that was more a problem of getting the quantities exactly right with this low amounts needed. After that comes priming, brown base color and my first try on the hair spray technique with a white covering afterwards I think i waited to long before starting the treatement, the result is somewhat ok, so i leave it like that. Fixed it in place also then I redid the tiling shown on my former update at least three times before finally having the distances right. No i am really of the starting block

I will not update so often for the next days as i doubt that you are interested in having an update after each row of tiles.