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Archive for August 2015

Mock up

, 11:32

I have a cardboard box, bigger then my dio, but set on the table the inside remains dark nonetheless. I put two 3V LED's as the cars frontlight and one near the street light and inside the globe who...

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Shipping costs

, 21:52

Yes, it's possible. Shipping costs can be reduced! Because of a complete change of the price structure by our national post administration, I will be able to offer you reduced shipping costs. As I...

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Thinking, thinking and thinking before continuing

, 10:28

It's nearly 9-10 months since I last worked on the dio, so I needed to get "in " to it again. Using the Taxi and the sculpted figure I checked the layout one more time. With the help of some...

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The first step is done

, 18:54

Well, I finally took my Raindio - Shadowbox project up from the cellar to my hobby room. I also cleaned up that room again. So, while I am not yet back into scale modelling, the first steps are done....

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