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Archive for December 2014

Terrain building for the shadowbox dio

, 19:16

Still recovering from your Christmas meal? How about a walk in the forest. It's could for the health and you may find some roots for your diorama project. LOL seriously, let's give you an update of my...

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70th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge in Clervaux

, 21:34

I just spend a very interesting weekend in Clervaux as a guest to the commemoration for the BoB anniversary. It was an honour to be there, albeit I was a bit disappointed that the veterans couldn't...

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Setting up in Clervaux

, 16:44

Clervaux , I am approaching! Just opposite the outer entrance gate is the building in which I am going to display the diorama. I did set up this afternoon A nice big room, white walls, it would have...

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Storage of the dio

, 19:41

Here is a picture of the storage room for my dio. I took it now as a souvenir as the day after tommorow, just 5 weeks after having everything carefully packed, I will take it out again for the expo in...

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70th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge in Clervaux

, 18:34

I have the great honour to be invited (late but nevertheless) to show my diorama during the commemorations for the 70th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge. 50 war veterans are invited to the...

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The Layout

, 18:09

The basics: I wanted to make a "Rain" dio, during the night. First ingredient to show the rain element. A kissing couple under an umbrella. Second ingredient, the lights to act as contrast...

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The umbrella

, 06:28

At some point I started working on the umbrella. I had a little bell to use as a template. The umbrella ribs (hope It is the right word) are positioned on the bell and fixed in the plasticine. The...

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