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Archive for September 2014

A couple more pictures from Modul 8

, 13:02

That's nearly the whole Module 8, on this picture you see about 100 x 20 cm The tree stump, cut out of a piece of Balsa wood. The part I modelled after a well known area in Luxembourg called the...

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Preparing for SMC

, 21:41

Having nearly completed the last modul, I can start preparing for the upcoming expo in Veldhoven on Oct.12 The last part still needs to get a nice wood panel on the side to hide a) the bare module...

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Modul 8 done

, 19:17

This module is now finally done. The work left was mainly vegetation and road work. I also adapted the height to the neighbouring PrĂ¼m module. Do do that, I crammed Modules 6,7 and 8 together I my...

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