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Archive for November 2013

Perhaps the future location of the Dio

, 19:31

In that room in the castle, big enough with a nice medieval atmosphere. After the very interesting visit and talks I overheard, any moving to the museum is not for any time soon as there is lot to do...

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Museum talk

, 18:49

The museum talk took up some speed these past ten days. Finally, after all those years, the authorities of Clervaux had the chance to check out my dio. The mayor of the town was among them and he...

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Luxembourg coolness meets Catalan enthousiasm

, 19:03

It was an honour for me to have the visit this week of Joan from Catalonia, He made a big effort and made thousands of kilometres on the European roads to come by and have a look at my dio. It was a...

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Dioramas everywhere

, 18:15

I want to share a couple of pictures from my recent trip to North Italy. I went to Lago Orta , Lago Como and Milano. I had the chance to discover a few highlights during that trip who were especially...

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Accepted by Museum!

, 18:31

What I thought would never happen did two weeks ago. The telephone rang and a person from the military museum in Clervaux told me that they finally agreed to permanently display the diorama in the...

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OK, I'm late

, 18:29

You probably all saw that the book arrived and is already selling. The last month was so busy that I did not even think of the Blog. Book arrived on Oct 10. I dispatched immediately all preorders just...

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