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Archive for May 2013

What comes now

, 22:18

I have a tight time table for the next weeks. - I already choose the figures and primed them. Painting comes of course after that. I must finish sculpting the Harley driver and paint the motocycle. -...

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The last house is finished

, 22:01

Yes! The Villa PrĂ¼m is also done. It took me 1 month and about 125 hours to cover the whole roof. 5 month overall to build the Villa, a few little bits and weathering left to do, but essentially...

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Comment function disabled

, 17:59

The comment function is completely broke because of spam so I disabled it for the time being. If you would like to comment ot contact me for other purpos, just drop me a mail. (see Contact page on the...

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