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Archive for December 2012

New Year , new module

, 21:18

Ok. the new year is still 3 days away, but let's not be picky. Like i said in the post before , i have few things to do regarding module 6 , but really wanted this one out of the starting block. I...

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Consider Modul 6 done!

, 20:35

After 2 years and 3 weeks of work (every day except holidays) i consider this module done. As you notice there is a bit of landscaping to do in front of the bridge, but this is only a few hour...

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Details and more details

, 20:03

Near the finishing of a dio or in this case a module comes the time everything falls together or need to be finished. I think it is necessary not to rush and really finish every thing correctly....

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A letterbox

, 22:38

In an old picture of Clervaux i got a glimpse of a letterbox hanging on a house not far from the Hotel Central. I contacted the local post museum to get some infos and they kindly send me this picture...

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