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Archive for October 2012

Gaining traction again

, 17:50

After a week of reorganizing my stuff after the expo the first thing i am going to do is readjusting the street in front of the garage and pump station. This street section was never definitive and...

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Back from Eurospoor

, 19:38

Wow, the comments i got from the public were somewhat overwhelming, going from congratulations and thanks, to motivating thumbs-up and even respectful bows. Considering over 20000 visitors to the expo...

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Eurospoor i'm coming but...

, 19:38

this was tight I loaded my van this evening, managed to get all in, but the van dealer nearly got me. The width of the van was announced a bit more then 2.10m, exactly what i need to put two modules...

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Christmas comes early this year

, 18:31

This is a Christmas tree i made for the Gilllen farm house. The scene is set on Dec. 17 so i decided it could be possible to see a Christmas tree already put up in a house. Right or not, i think it...

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