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Archive for August 2012

Ok, one more

, 19:28

As i wasa week at home before heading to Corsica, i literally powered ahead to get as much done as possible. Without comments here is the latest. I hope you enjoy this picture (i only roughly...

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River is completely done

, 18:55

Yep, 2.2 meter of resin river is done! The two river modules are positioned wrongly against the village, so don't be confused :-) I think this may well be the last update for a month or so. I am...

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Everything falls together

, 20:50

First it must of course be finished properly. The Bike shop was built with the plan to built it on the Bouvier house, meaning i did not do the right side of the fa├žade and i did not make the roof with...

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Bouvier finished!!

, 19:18

Double exclamation mark because i'm really glad that i finally finished it. I think since i need magnifying glasses to work on details, in effect i need them for everything, i take even longer to...

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