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Archive for May 2012

Copy making until i felt dizzy

, 19:11

I showed you the one original window and one shutter already i made for house "Bouvier" Now i had to make 4 kinds of windows and two sizes of gutters. From these originals i made moulds and...

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A bit of fun

, 13:55

For those of you who wondered how i am calculating my measures for windows and doors, here is, just for fun, how i am proceeding, just look at the scrawling on my sketch sheet. I recognize ever more...

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Bouvier overall pictures

, 13:33

You hardly can imagine what i am up to if i do not post some overview pictures, isn't it? So here, in this picture, you can see the massive house in the middle of the town, that's the Bouvier House....

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Starting also the third house

, 18:10

This one is widely known as "Bouvier" House, according to the former owner's name. Except the one i will show you shortly, i have only overall pictures of the house, well recognizable in the...

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Focus , Focus, Focus

, 18:44

I really need to focus now on specific tasks. Let me explain myself: - I must finish the bit of waterwork left to do because i must use up the Resin before it's not good any more, if that is not...

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